Facilities Management Software

Facility Management Software (FMS)

Go Electronic! No More Paper/Email or phone requests for service.

Managing a facility can be complicated, let our software help. We can enable employees to monitor for your organization reporting any problems, broken items, and safety issues easily from their smart phone, tablet or desktop.

Converge maintenance reporting to the cloud

One application to manage it all

  • Request for work
  • Capital expenditure request & approval
  • Preventative Maintenance scheduling
  • Asset management
  • Inspection Rounding

Manage all aspects of your maintenance services

  • Cost
  • Parts and time
  • More work — less paperwork
  • Real time status for¬†customer.

Online Reporting and Tracking

  • For regulatory compliance
  • Historical Reports
  • Available for download in csv format
  • ¬†Ad-hoc Reports
  • Archival Reports
  • Subscription Reports
  • Canned reports

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Prioritize your Technicians’ workloads Route requests to them electronically keeping them in the field rather than back and forth to the office for their next assignment.

Live Statistics

Live Statistics All data is updated on each page reload/refresh.  

Flexability and Usability

Flexibility FMS is designed to grow with you. Many of the data entry points are drop down selections, allowing for the quick entry of information. There are drop down selections for many items, like buildings, locations and categories are maintained by you through a management interface. User Friendly FMS is designed to be user friendly for fast access and use, allowing your users to report […]

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance and Asset Management Module The Preventative Module allows for scheduling maintenance years into the future assigning Technicians in advance.

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